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Popular Garage Door Questions

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Wondering about the right methods for garage door maintenance? Check below for some short and helpful answers regarding spring corrosion, lubrication, customer preferences and more!

Can garage door springs get rusty and corrode?

If they are made of galvanized steel, which has protective zinc coating, the risk of this is quite low. Still, it is important to note that the protective coating can get damaged by certain chemical compounds some of which are found in household cleaners. That is why you must refrain from using such products to clean the area around the springs.

Why do mechanical parts need lubrication?

Mechanical garage door parts are made of steel (sometimes even stainless steel), and the friction produced between two metal parts will eventually ruin them. Such materials are also affected by low and high temperatures and lubrication maintenance will keep them moving smoothly and prolong their lifespan according to our garage door contractor in Woodinville.

How do I avoid mistakes when buying garage doors?

The best way to avoid mistakes when it's time to replace the existing garage door is considering your requirements. You should measure the distance in the driveway and length of the ceiling because those can tell you whether you should install swing or overhead doors. Focus on the right material based on the local climate and the right garage door parts.

Why does my garage door open when I am trying to close it?

When this happens, it might be because there is something obstructing the garage door. If the problem persists, garage door repair specialists suggest that you check your LED indicator on your red safety beam to see if it is blinking. If it is, check the lenses to see if they are mounted 6 inches away from the floor on both sides of the garage door opening. If the lenses are in order consider consulting your product user manual.

Is it better for the garage door to operate manually or electrically?

Countless garage door repair specialists all over Woodinville consider electrically operated garage doors to be better than their manual counterparts. There are two kinds of electric operators: trolley and jackshaft. However, if possible, it is suggested that you install a three-phase motor for your garage door, with a high voltage capacity. If you choose to manually operate your garage door, look for a chain hoist with a height value that exceeds 12 ft.


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