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Who has the time to occupy himself with technical issues? Who wants to preoccupy with emergency garage door problems? Today, people hardly have the time to meet important family or business obligations, let alone get hassled with domestic errands and technicalities. Besides, who wants to risk his life by interfering with complicated devices, such as the garage doors? They are big and bulky and have too many electronic and mechanical parts, which interconnect and interact with each other to make the door move. A small mistake or mishandling can cause serious trouble to the entire system, damage to the property or worse injuries on you.

Garage Door Opener in WashingtonOur repair company is ready to provide you with the most excellent services at any time since we carry the best replacement parts and our trucks are always stocked with the proper tools. We can be at your place quickly and finish the job fast and efficiently. If you are confronted with an emergency, you must remember that our phone line is open.

Our department specializes on openers. We consider them vital parts of the entire system since they are, actually, responsible for the opening and the closing of the door. Do you recall when you used to lift it on your own? Do you still have a manual door? Nowadays, contemporary doors are, mostly, automatic. People prefer them because they are easy to handle and provide convenience while they can be accompanied by various accessories, which can improve the safety measures. Why should you lift the heavy load of the door on your own?

Chain drive motor is the most popular one

Openers work with motorized drives and these vary according to their speed, price and noise. The most popular one is the chain drive motor. It is loud, but cheap. If your garage is attached to your house, you might want to reconsider taking this option, but then again some people want to hear their garage door operating, in case a burglar tries to break in. An improved model is the screw drive motor opener, which is more expensive, but doesn’t make too much noise. The last and, perhaps, best option is the belt drive, which is completely silent, but still it is the most expensive one.

We can repair all brands including the Genie opener, the Liftmaster opener or the Marantec opener. Our technicians are experts on opener troubleshooting and, hence, they can easily detect the problem and fix it. Openers, as all the other garage door parts, may wear out in time and need repair or replacement. Sometimes, you might even have a problem of correspondence between your opener and the remote. Our technicians will check them both or any other problems you might be having with your door and ensure that it works properly.

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