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Garage Door Springs

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The garage door springs that you see at the sides of your door or above it are very important to its proper functioning. These springs help take off most of the load of the weight of the door when they're raised up or when they are brought down. Without the assistance of these springs, anyone attempting to open any of the millions of doors in America will have a hard time trying.Garage Door Springs in Washington

The Truth About Springs

Door manufacturers don't make it a point to make light doors. In fact, they rarely worry about the weight at all because they know that springs are in place to do the heavy lifting. The incorporation of windows made of glass or even the presence of solid wood and metallic fixtures all contribute to how heavy the door weighs. With the use of the right size spring with the appropriate amount of torque and strength, a typically heavy door will feel almost weightless when opened by an average person. When there is a broken spring however, things are going to tend to stay on the ground and resist being raised up.

The Professional Difference

When springs break, it's going to be disastrous. Things are going to fly off and cause damage. If something or someone is unfortunate enough to be near a spring that fails, they're going to get damaged or hurt.

If you're planning to have some work done on your springs, then choose to call our expert technicians to stay safe. They're trained to perform proper broken spring repair and replacement safely and quickly.

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