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Top garage door related tips for everybody! Get some fresh ideas and suggestions about garage door matters! Amazing garage door related tips! They will be very helpful during times of need

  • Disconnect the opener when you work

    It's not safe to repair garage door parts or even checking them without having disconnected the electric garage door opener first. Anything could go wrong. Someone can press the clicker and the door might start moving when you have your fingers in joints or there might be an accident due to the electric power.

  • Learn the Complete Features of Your Garage Door

    Newer and more sophisticated garage doors have many features, including emergency release and other safety mechanisms. However, not all owners take the time to learn them and how they work. Future accidents can be avoided simply by reading the user manual that comes with the garage door and learning how to use the emergency release.

  • Protect your garage with weather seals

    Weather seals are extremely important for the good insulation of the garage and the whole house. In fact, the experts of our company in Woodinville say that the bottom seal must be replaced periodically because if it's worn, it will allow the entrance of drafts and insects.

  • Understand what R-value means

    It is important to understand what R-Value in garage door means. This value is the measurement of the thermal efficiency characteristics of your garage door. The higher the value, the higher the insulating property of your door is. Understanding the R-value fit for your garage is important when selecting which type of door is best applicable for your garage space.

  • Maximize headroom space

    In order to maximize the space of the headroom in your garage, prefer a custom made garage door, rather than ordering an already built one for your garage at home. Tracks and other components for spaces with low headroom are also available upon request to make sure that garage door and opener installation is possible despite the availability of little space.

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